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NHP: Biomedical Waste Management

Biomedical Waste Management

Bio medical waste management is one of the key components identified for health facilities. All health facilities have the primary responsibility of ensuring that ‘No Harm’ is done to its patients. Health facilities are a significant source of infections which may pass from one patient to another or from staff members to patients or from within its environment or from its neighboring environment and facilities to users. The waste generated in health facilities is often contaminated by biological and chemical waste that results from its care and treatment interventions. In healthcare facilities, toxic wastes are generated because of improper management, which has a direct impact on the health of the healthcare workers, the society, and the environment.

Biomedical waste is defined as “any solid, fluid and liquid or liquid waste, including its container and any intermediate product, which is generated during the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human being or animals, in research pertaining thereto, or in the production or testing of biological and the animal waste from slaughter houses or any other similar establishment”.

The hospital wastes when mixed with general wastes, makes the whole course of wastes a hazardous stream. Waste segregation in an improper manner results in an unscientific method of waste disposal increasing the contamination of other municipal waste. Unprofessional management of Bio-medical waste causes unpleasant smell, environmental pollution, and growth and multiplication of vectors. It increases the transmission of diseases like hepatitis, typhoid, cholera and AIDS through injuries from syringes

For proper disposal of Bio-medical waste every health care worker is sensitized about segregation of bio-medical waste as per the rules at the point of generation. Coloured coded bins as per Bio-medical waste management rules has been procured and distributed to all the health facility.The procurement of non-chlorinated bags is in process and distribution of the same to all the health facility will be completed at the earliest.

For the pre-treatment and disinfection of bio-medical waste before final disposal in District Hospital, microwave sterilizer has been installed and functioning in all the 11 District hospital. Disinfection of bio-medical waste in the subsidiary health facility is to be done by autoclave. Procurement of autoclave equipment is completed and distributed to all the functionalhealth facilities.

For the liquid waste disinfection, Effluent treatment Plant (ETP) is already installed in all 9 District Hospital except Peren DH and NHAK. Disinfection of liquid waste in subsidiary health facility is done by stagnation process where the untreated liquid waste is kept in a container filled with sodium hypochlorite solution for twenty four hours and then discharged to drainage.

Incinerator installed at Dimapur district hospital and Phek district hospital has been serviced and functioning for disposal of biomedical waste.

As Nagaland state is without any Common bio-medical waste treatment facility (CBMWTF) at present, after taking prior approval from State Pollution Control Board, yellow category waste are disposed off by deep burial pits and the sharps are disposed off in sharps pit. A total of 517 deep burial pit and sharp pit is constructed across the state. The recyclable items like plastics and glassware after disinfection and mutilation and kept separately for recycling as per the rules.

Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials for Bio-medical waste management has been developed. Training manuals for bio-medical waste management has been prepared as per the current following Bio-medical waste management rules and manuals has been distributed to all the health facilities across Nagaland. Posters of all the categories of Bio-medical waste have been prepared as per the current Bio-medical waste management rules. Mass media (animated video) as a medium to create awareness for Bio-medical waste management is created and is shared to all health workers.

Training of about 2800 health facility workers has been completed in all the health facility across the state of Nagaland. Infection control review week for management of waste at the health facilities is also organised in all the District Hospitals and Health facilities to review and educate the health facility workers under Bio-medical waste management.

Every health care worker is be ensured for occupational safety by providing appropriate and adequate personal protective equipment. Personal protective equipment which includes gloves, apron/ gown, boot, goggles, masks has been procured and distributed to all the health facility workers.

A total of approximately 6000 health workers were immunized involved in handling bio-medical waste with Hepatitis B. The immunization of health care workers with Tetanus is in process regularly.

Till November 2020, Authorization of 255 Government health facilities have applied/received authorization from State Pollution Control Board the remaining health facility is under process for obtaining authorization.

In compliance to the provisions of the Bio-medical waste management rules, the State Government have constituted the Advisory Committee and District Level Monitoring committee to monitor the compliance of the provisions of the rules in the health care facilities and in the state as a whole.

In compliance with the rules Bio-medical waste management rules annual report has been submitted to the prescribed authority regularly.

Introduction to Biomedical Waste Management System


Biomedical Waste Management System (in work)

Targeted health Facility
Total committed Investment(₹)
Achieved Till date
Construction of DBP
Providing PPE & Color coded Bins
Providing Microwave Sterlizer
Providing Autoclave Sterlizer

Handbook For Bio-Medical Waste Management

BMWM Training PPT and Segregation Posters

White Bin
Red Bin
Blue Bin
Yellow Bin
Training Plan Template
Session 1 Training Objectives Expectations
Session 2 Introduction to BMWM
Session 3 BMW Rules 2016 NHP
Session 4 Group Work Segregation
Session 5 PPE
Session 5 Group Work
Session 6 DMC
Session 7 Emerging Tech BMWM Treatment disposal

Progress of DBSP

List of Health Care Facilities (Government) that have obtained Authorization under Bio-Medical Waste Management Rules, 2016 from the Prescribed Authority Nagaland
Sl. No. District Health Facility Type Health Facility Name Health Facility Address Authorization Valid upto
1 Dimapur DH District Hospital, Dimapur District Hospital, Dimapur 01-01-2025
2 Dimapur UPHC UPHC Duncan Duncan Urban Primary Health Centre, Duncan Bosti, Dimapur 06-05-2020
3 Dimapur TB Hospital District TB Centre Dimapur District TB Centre, DTC-Bank Colony, Dimapur 09-05-2020
4 Dimapur PHC PHC Chumukedima PHC Chumukedima, Dimapur 09-05-2020
5 Dimapur UPHC UPHC Burma Camp Urban PHC, Burma Camp, Dimapur 10-05-2020
6 Dimapur PHC PHC Zhuikhu PHC Zhuikhu, Zhuikhu Village, Dimapur 10-05-2020
7 Dimapur CHC CHC Dhansiripar CHC Dhansiripar, Dimapur 10-05-2020
8 Dimapur PHC PHC Piphema PHC Piphema, Piphema Village, Dimapur 10-05-2020
9 Dimapur PHC PHC Pherima PHC Pherima, Pherima Villge, Dist. Dimapur 10-05-2020
10 Dimapur PHC PHC Kuhuboto PHC Kuhuboto, Kuhuboto Town, Dimapur 10-05-2020
11 Dimapur PHC PHC Singrijan PHC Singrijan Village, Dimapur 10-05-2020
12 Dimapur PHC PHC Niuland PHC Niuland, Dimapur 10-05-2020
13 Dimapur PHC PHC Molvom PHC Molvom, Medziphema, Dimapur 05-05-2020
14 Dimapur OH Police Referral Hospital Chumukedima Police Referral Hospital Chumukedima 19-06-2013
15 Dimapur CHC CHC Medziphema CHC Medziphema, Dimapur 10-05-2020
16 Dimapur PHC PHC Akito PHC Akito, Akito Village, Dimapur 07-11-2020
17 Dimapur SC Suhoi Sub Centre Suhoi Sub Centre, Suhoi Village, Dimapur One Time
18 Dimapur SC Khehokhu Sub Centre Khehokhu Sub Centre, Khehokhu Village, Dimapur One Time
19 Dimapur SC Nagarjan Sub Centre Nagarjan Sub Centre, Nagarjan, Dimapur One Time
20 Dimapur SC Chekiye Sub Centre Chekiye Sub Centre, Chekeyi Village, Dimapur One Time
21 Dimapur SC Thilixu Sub Centre Thilixu Sub Centre, Thilixu Village, Dimapur One Time
22 Dimapur SC Kacharigaon Sub Centre Kacharigaon Sub Centre, Phevima Village, Dimapur One Time
23 Dimapur SC Purana Bazar Sub Centre Purana Bazar Sub Centre, Purana Bazar, Dimapur One Time
24 Dimapur SC Town Sub Centre. Midland Town Sub Centre. Midland, Dimapur One Time
25 Dimapur SC Lengrijan Sub Centre Lengrijan Sub Centre, Lengrijan, Dimapur One Time
26 Dimapur SC Sematilla Sub Centre Sematilla Sub Centre, Sematilla, Dimapur One Time
27 Dimapur SC Sangtamtilla Sub Centre Sangtamtilla Sub Centre, Sangtamtilla, Dimapur One Time
28 Dimapur SC Xuvihe Sub Centre Xuvihe Sub Centre, Xuvihe, Dimapur One Time
29 Dimapur SC Tsiepama Sub Centre Tsiepama Sub Centre, Tsiepama Village, Dimapur One Time
30 Dimapur SC Aoyimkum Sub Centre Aoyimkum Sub Centre, Aoyimkum Village, Dimapur One Time
31 Dimapur SC Lotovi Sub Centre Lotovi Sub Centre, Lotovi Village, Dimapur One Time
32 Dimapur SC Rangapahar Sub Centre Rangapahar Sub Centre, Thahekhu Village, Dimapur One Time
33 Dimapur SC Nihokhu Sub Centre Nihokhu Health & Wellness Centre, Nihokhu Village, Dimapur One Time
34 Dimapur SC Diezephe Sub Centre Diezephe Health & Wellness Centre, Diezephe Village, Dimapur One Time
35 Dimapur SC Samaguri Sub Centre Samaguri Sub Centre, Samaguri Village, Dimapur One Time
36 Dimapur SC Shozukhu Sub Centre Shozukhu Sub Centre, ShozukhuVillage, Dimapur One Time
37 Dimapur SC 7th Mile Sub Centre 7th Mile Sub Centre, 7th Mile Village, Dimapur One Time
38 Dimapur SC Tenyiphe Sub Centre Tenyiphe Sub Centre, Tenyiphe - III, Dimapur One Time
39 Dimapur SC Seithekima Sub Centre Seithekima Sub Centre, Seithekima 'A' Village, Dimapur One Time
40 Dimapur SC Razaphe Sub Centre Razaphe Sub Centre, Razaphe Village, Dimapur One Time
41 Dimapur SC Doyapur Sub Centre Doyapur Health & Wellness Centre, Doyapur Village, Dimapur One Time
42 Dimapur SC Daniel Sub Centre Daniel Sub Centre, Daniel Village, Dimapur One Time
43 Dimapur SC Khekiho Sub Centre Khekiho Sub Centre, Khekiho Village, Dimapur One Time
44 Dimapur SC Pimla Sub Centre Pimla Health & Wellness Centre, Pimla, Dimapur One Time
45 Dimapur SC Munglamukh Sub Centre Munglamukh Sub Centre, Munglamukh Village, Dimapur One Time
46 Dimapur SC Bade Sub Centre Bade Sub Centre, Bade Village, Dimapur One Time
47 Dimapur SC Pukhato Sub Centre Pukhato Sub Centre, Pukhato Village, Dimapur One Time
48 Dimapur SC Hukhai Sub Centre Hukhai Sub Centre, Hukhai Village, Dimapur One Time
49 Dimapur SC Sahoi Sub Centre Sahoi Sub Centre, Sahoi Village, Dimapur One Time
50 Dimapur SC L. Vihoto Sub Centre L. Vihoto Sub Centre, L. Vihoto Village, Dimapur One Time
51 Dimapur SC Khaghaboto Sub Centre Khaghaboto Sub Centre, Khaghaboto, Dimapur One Time
52 Dimapur SC Nitozu Sub Centre Nitozu Sub Centre, Nitozu Village, Dimapur One Time
53 Dimapur SC Zukihe Sub Centre Zukihe Sub Centre, Zukihe Village, Dimapur One Time
54 Dimapur SC Hovishe Sub Centre Hovishe Health & Wellness Centre, Hovishe Village, Dimapur One Time
55 Dimapur SC Sucunoma Sub Centre Sucunoma Sub Centre, Sucunoma Village, Dimapur One Time
56 Dimapur SC Jharnapani Sub Centre Jharnapani Sub Centre, Medziphema, Dimapur One Time
57 Dimapur SC Diphupar Sub Centre Diphupar Sub Centre, Diphupar Village, Dimapur One Time
58 Dimapur SC Sovima Sub Centre Sovima Sub Centre, Dimapur One Time
59 Dimapur SC Naga United Sub Centre Naga United Sub Centre, Naga United Village, Dimapur One Time
60 Dimapur SC Shokhuvi Sub Centre Shokhuvi Sub Centre, Shokhuvi Village, Dimapur One Time
61 Dimapur SC Aoyimti Sub Centre Aoyimti Sub Centre, Aoyimti Village, Dimapur One Time
62 Dimapur SC Homeland Sub Centre Homeland Sub Centre, Homeland Village, Dimapur One Time
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