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NHP: Civil Works

Water and Sanitation

Technical requirements and detail assessment of selected health facility across the state was conducted by SECON, Bangalore. With the assessment it was found that rain water harvesting would be the best solution for providing adequate water supply to the health facilities across Nagaland and precipitation of state was found to be high and of good quality.

Some of the key issues in the health facility were that water was not available throughout the year. Also no running water network facilities in the centre especially in wash basins and toilets affecting sanitation and hygiene.

Roof water harvesting was recommended as the prominent water source to cater to the day to day needs of the centre. High volume ground level storage tank was projected to be constructed to store water from roof water harvesting. Elevated water tanks to be used to store and supply running water supply with zero energy to the centre through pipes.

With the assessment done it was found that not only Water and Sanitation but also minor civil repair works needs to be done to make the health facility more functional for the service providers and patients. A round of health facility assessment was conducted and estimate was prepared for the construction activities across the targeted health facilities.The procurement process of all the activities was done thorough National Competitive Bidding. At initial stage there were no takers for the tender but after repeated advertisement and consultative meeting with stakeholders/ contractors the bidders for the tenders increased many fold and the works were awarded to the most responsive contractors.

Some of the activities conducted under infrastructural improvement of health facilities are construction of roof water harvesting storage tank and overhead tank, interior and exterior painting, tiling of floors and walls wherever necessary, painting of roofs, repair and renovation of ceiling, cement concrete flooring repair and plastering, repairs of doors and windows, repair and renovation of water closet, repair of drainage and sanitation system.

The initial work started with infrastructural development of Wokha District Hospital and subsequently the remaining district hospital was taken up. District hospitals works has been completed in 6 (six) districts and the remaining district hospital works is under progress with Peren District hospital and NHAK procurement under process. Works in 10 (ten) district targeted health facilities is under progress with physical progress up to 80-90% in most of the districts and Kohima district procurement is under process. Except for the new procurement to be initiated, all the civil works activities under progress will be completed by February-March 2021. With the completion and improvement of infrastructure of the targeted health facilities the project aims to strengthen the delivery of health services and increase their utilization by the communities.


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